A Walk Through The Impactionable Job Portal

A Walk Through The Impactionable Job Portal

Unemployment is a serious issue and, on average, the global unemployment rate stands at 7.7 percent.

Successful social enterprises can create employment while simultaneously growing their business. Social entrepreneurship has to come up with various solutions to decrease the prevalence of the unemployment curve.

So what role does Impactionable play?

With Impactionable, our primary focus is to help people to start helping others. One way people can start is by applying to a job in the social impact space. We have created this platform to connect job creators and job seekers while making the hiring process transparent and more effective for both groups. We also created this platform to challenge the existing norm that the only ways you could be a social impact leader are through volunteering or creating an enterprise yourself. Through our job portal, you will access opportunities that will unlock your passion for helping people and the planet simultaneously.

With our job portal, we provide various opportunities like: 

  • Full-time jobs;
  • Part-time jobs;
  • Freelance/contract work;
  • Internships;
  • Volunteer roles;
  • Advisory roles.

These jobs are located in the section called ‘Job Portal’ on the website, and the link will redirect you to a simple spreadsheet.

This resource offers diverse jobs from various sectors like education advocacy, environmental conservation, digital equity leadership, and even social justice.

How to apply:

Both job-seekers and job-creators can look our Job Portal and fill the survey forms accordingly. However, there are few things that you need to keep in mind before filling it:

  1. Jobs are sorted by “Position Type” (i.e. full-time, part-time, freelance, internship, volunteer, advisory). Interested job-seekers can start their application linked in the orange section.
  2. Only partners will be able to post opportunities in the spreadsheet under the blue columns. If you are interested in partnering, please contact us at info@impactionable.com.
  3. If the partner wishes to edit their job posting, please contact us and we will make the edits.
  4. For both creators and seekers, you must complete your respective application listed under column G or H to start the process.

It takes less than 5 minutes to apply and find your dream job! The sooner you submit the survey, the Impactionable team will be contacting you for more details. If your job hasn’t been updated or you have not heard anything over a week, then feel free to reach out at info@impactionable.com

Always remember, “start small, but start somewhere.” Happy connecting!

Impactionable provides jobs, networking, and funding opportunities in the social impact space. Sign up to join our community and get started.