Our mission is to create a community that values meaningful relationships and acts on the desire to make the world a better place.

Our Why

Impactionable provides opportunities to talent in the social impact space.

Traditionally. investing time and energy into social impact work has been seen as an afterthought. Conventional ways of giving, like donating to a charity or volunteering, have great intentions but are not the most sustainable ways to make change; especially during a time where climate change and social inequities are shaking the world as we speak. Worse yet, these ways are not easily accessible for groups who struggle to put food on the table and have limited resources to “give.” As a result, precious talent that could create waves of positive impact in the world, is falling through the cracks at a critical period, simply because they are not given opportunities that could meet them where they are.

Being a women of color-owned business, we made it our mission to provide systemic and equitable opportunities for BIPOC and marginalized groups to take action. Whether it is through connecting candidates to jobs with socially conscious organizations or by providing equity-free funding through our Competitions; meeting talent where they are so they can take action has always been our “why.”

Since launching, 70% of our 20,000+ community members identify as people of color with 55% identifying as female or non-binary members. Additionally, of the 300 candidates placed in jobs or received funding opportunities, 60% were from underrepresented backgrounds.

Our long-standing commitment and experience in this space has equipped us with the tools we need to navigate complex social issues and create new models of leadership that can benefit generations to come.

Time is ticking and the planet needs us. We can no longer afford to lose out on investing in diverse talent. It’s time to take action. It’s time to “start somewhere.”

Our Values

Social Impact

We are here to provide jobs and projects that can make a positive difference in others’ lives. Our community-driven initiatives are at the core of what we do.


While no idea can be accomplished alone, standing up and taking ownership means making a visible commitment to whom you serve.


There is absolutely no “one-size-fits-all” way to help others. If you truly want to help, you need to meet your community where they are.


Strength comes from people who know how to treat each other with open minds and hearts. We are a global community so we value each others’ unique backgrounds, especially when they are different from our own. 


We are what we do. We only succeed when we act. Leave the talking to others.


We have a thirst for knowledge. We are constantly trying new ideas that may have not been tested and tried, but believe that only through innovation can we see change.

Meet Our Team

Shivani Chokshi

CEO & Co-Founder

Shivani has experience working with government, international development organizations, and corporations dedicated to solving challenges in education and international development policy. Her experience includes managing multi-million dollar budget and grants within public education, conducting human-centered design workshops, and utilizing data visualization to explain system processes for organizations like Chicago Public Schools, USAID, and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Shivani holds a Masters in Public Policy from George Washington University.

Bora Laci

Project Manager

Bora is experienced professional who is passionate about social impact, policy, and education. She was a Legislative Voice Fellow for Leadership ISD and a part of the communities Foundation of Texas Emerging Leader program which provided her hands on experience covering strategic giving, philanthropy, and impact measurement. She holds an MBA in Finance from Southern Methodist University.

mairead headshot
Mairead Peters

Community Outreach Coordinator

Mairead is an experienced Project and Program Coordinator in the nonprofit sector who is passionate about social impact, social justice, and advocacy. With a background in Social Work, she brings a compassionate and holistic mindset to the individuals and organizations she works with. She loves collaborating and learning about the missions of nonprofit organizations in all areas. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Social Work and minor in Spanish from The University of South Carolina Honors College.

Board of Advisors

Dennis Barnum


Dennis has over 30 years of experience in the high tech and service industries, primarily in computer software and services. He has a University of Wisconsin and participated in the MBA program at the University of Minnesota. He is currently focused on developing emergent opportunities as a member of Merlin Mentors.

Mari Headshot (1) 2

Mari Ganapathy has decades of experience in technology, personal finance, and investment areas. He holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, founded Samatva Wealth Management LLC, and currently serves as Leading Mentor for Startups Ignite in Washington D.C.

Chris Comella Headshot (1)
Chris Comella

Human Resources

Chris has supported a variety of for-profit and nonprofit corporations and organizations. He earned his MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill; however, being the only Human Resources professional in his cohort provided him a unique insight to the variety of internal customer groups he serves to this day. He currently serves as the TLC Business Partner at Inclusa.

Shar Hermanson

Marketing & Sales

Shar has 22 years of experience working with small to mid-sized businesses on optimizing inbound and outbound marketing messages and strategy. Her previous experience includes managing marketing and sales campaigns for radio, newspapers, social media, billboard, email, digital display ads, and more. Shar currently serves as the Online Sales Director at Bliss Communications.


Anand has vast experience in AI, machine learning, and deep learning technologies to make day-to-day operations more efficient and optimized to find deeper insights from the underlying data. He is currently helping the Strategy team within Simplisafe leverage AI for data-driven decision making, forecasting, and advanced analytics.

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You can help us make a change.

You can help us make a change