EcoAct Tanzania: The winner of Impactionable Social Innovation Competition

EcoAct Tanzania: The winner of Impactionable Social Innovation Competition

EcoAct Tanzania wins the Social Innovation Competition held on November 22, 2021. The prize awarded was $1,000, mentorship, and access to a community to grow their innovative product that solves a social challenge. 

EcoAct Tanzania is a social enterprise established to address the challenges of post-consumer plastic pollution, waste management, deforestation, and climate change.

Impactionable launches our Social Innovation Competition every year to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with tangible resources, who turn their ideas into reality to make a positive difference in the world.

The competition is open to anyone and everyone who had an idea of an innovative product that aims to solve a social issue. 

As finalists, they are eligible to post their first job for free on Impactionable’s Social Impact Job Portal, advertise a project to our community, host a Video Session to the community, and get exclusive discounts for Slidebean’s presentation tools. This competition’s finalists are: 

  • ReactHQ: ReactHQ is passionate about empowering tech talents to build excellent products and reinvent work in Africa and beyond.
  • iDixcover: iDixcover is a workforce development Social Enterprise empowering African youths through technology and vocational education, and provision of free and direct access to mentors, local and global career opportunities.
  • Vegan Africa Fund: Vegan AF supports the plant-based future of Africa. They grow the pan-African vegan network and enable vegan ventures to scale and meet the globally growing demand for vegan products and a sustainably sourced future. 
  • Vital Carbon: Vital Carbons offers a tailor-made service model that can offset the existing unsustainable waste management infrastructure by introducing technologically superior tools.

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