How to Land Your Dream Social Impact Job
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How to Land Your Dream Social Impact Job

The notion of “dream job” for prior generations was a little different from today’s age.

While health care, pension plans, and a 401K are all desirable employment characteristics, many people today search for careers that provide more meaning and beneficial influence. After all, our careers consume a significant chunk of our time!

There are many methods to start making a positive social effect in your current position. Even if it’s informally, there many departments within your company that likely engages in community relations or other types of social responsibility initiatives. 

As a start offer to oversee volunteer events or lead the holiday giving drive. These projects will provide you with experience to join more initiatives or create initiatives of your own within your company. If your company has existing social good job opportunities, when a position opens up, your skills will already be known, as you have contributed in the past.

Some socially responsible businesses have based their entire business model around positive impact and innovation, while others have established corporate social responsibility departments within their company. Teachers, psychologists, and doctors, for example, affect the people they serve simply by doing their jobs.

Jobs with a social impact can be found in nearly every industry and sector of the economy. These employment opportunities allow employees to have a beneficial effect on society, promote social development, and/or provide community transformation. This is a distinguishing feature of these jobs: they are defined by their potential for impact as well as overall employee competence.

Examine the careers section of each organization on your list. If any job opportunities match your qualities and capabilities, read the full job description for hints on the company’s values and culture. Most job advertisements include information on the position’s primary tasks, educational and experience requirements, and, in many cases, additional details about the company’s values and culture.

Finally, don’t limit your ideas about what a social impact job might entail. If communication and branding are your passions, put your skills to work for a good cause. Every position has the ability to make an impact if executive in positive ways.

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