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Impactionable Announces Partnership With Burness

Impactionable is elated to announce Burness as our proud business partner! The aim of Burness is to not only inspire people to drive social changes worldwide but also contribute to the global efforts to improve health, mitigate poverty and protect the environment. This fruitful collaboration of both Burness and Impactionable will drive new changes and help local communities with a vast range of job opportunities thus creating a positive social impact. 

Burness being a global team of communications experts is currently hiring for the position of Coordinator for Latin America. The ideal candidate should have native fluency in Spanish and must be a recent college graduate with intern experience. They also should be big on environmental issues and possess a strong interest in media relations. Below mentioned are a few of the job responsibilities that the candidate will follow if they are hired for the position:

Performing thorough due diligence and conducting electronic distribution of press material

Tracking news coverage of announcements and managing logistics for virtual as well as in-person media events.

Compiling social media matrices and coordinating with journalists in Spanish and English via email

Impactionable is on a mission to provide job opportunities to the local communities and we will be supporting Burness’s search for the requirement of Coordinator for Latin America, you can also visit to find out more about the position. 

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