Impactionable Announces Partnership With Findhelp

Impactionable Announces Partnership With Findhelp

Impactionable is proud to announce our partnership with Findhelp, which organizes the world’s human service program information.

Impactionable has committed to helping people in the local communities by providing job opportunities and funding for people in the social impact space. Thus, Findhelp is currently hiring for 9 positions:

If you’re ready to help Chicago’s youth be the best they can be and join a dynamic team, please complete this application. Also, get to know more about all the open job positions by going through our Social Impact Job Portal.

About Impactionable

Impactionable was born with a simple notion that if you’re interested in making a positive difference, just start.

We host many opportunities to get people started, keeping workforce innovation as our primary goal. We also host webinars and hackathons, called Video Sessions, to encourage students and business professionals to offer advice to aspiring social entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide. We host Social Innovation Competitions to provide funding opportunities for our innovators.

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