Relaunch Your Social Impact Career Without Starting from Zero

Relaunch Your Social Impact Career Without Starting from Zero


A whopping 57 percent said they were willing to changing careers to one that was more satisfying than their current one. 

Gen Z and Millennials are changing the way we think about work. The world’s youth are increasingly interacting with the social sector in an attempt to find the sweet spot between a traditional career path and purpose-driven work.

There’s a reason you’re thinking about changing industries—for many individuals, it’s the desire to feel like you’re making a difference. You’ve probably already considered the path you want to take, whether it’s to work for a community-based group, a worldwide NGO, or specific health or environmental concern that you’re passionate about.

Take some time to consider your abilities and experience. Determine how your skills may be used for a position in one of your dream companies.

Careers in social impact are accessible in a wide range of organizations, from non-profits to corporate social responsibility (CSR) departments to entrepreneurial businesses founded by people who are enthusiastic about a cause. Opportunities to join–or start–new social impact businesses will grow as impact investments continue to promote cause-driven efforts.

Make a list of possible organizations and conduct research on them. Is the organization’s mission enough to convince you to change industries? Additionally, make contact with anyone in your network who has worked in the social impact sector. If at all feasible, find a mentor who can offer advice and direction.

Following industry trends will help you your dream social impact job. If you don’t want to start your own organization, you can be a social intrapreneur and create innovative programs within our company to develop social initiatives. Sometimes creating change within the organization can create a positive impact in the surrounding community overall.

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