Social Innovation Funding Competitions

Competition Status: Awarded

Launched on May 15, 2019 with Because International. The prize awards $1,000 and a spot in the Pursuit Incubator program to an innovative product that solves a social challenge.

We launched our first ever competition, complete with three rounds of deliverables, presentations, and judging. The competition was open to anyone and everyone who had an idea of an innovative product that aimed to solve a social issue. 

Due to its global accessibility, 122 participants applied from 20+ countries and regions: East and West Africa, Indonesia, Middle East, India, and Latin America. 

Due to its global appeal, we received increased interest from our donors, and we were able to award $1,000 prizes to not one finalist but all five finalists. The winner of the competition was announced as eWomen SL from Sierra Leone. Several finalists and semi-finalists were also accepted into the Pursuit Incubator program.



  • eWomen SL: As a part of eWomen’s initiatives, eWaste, created trash bins made out of waste tyres. The product is cheap, durable, and is environmentally friendly because it is used to collect waste that can be further recycled. eWomen SL’s mission is to provide lasting solutions to poverty and social injustice in Sierra Leone. eWomen’s pillars are created to lift vulnerable people, especially girls, women, and persons with disabilities, out of poverty. 
  • Manavta Project: Manavta’s mission is to provide adequate technology and education to change open defecation behavior, reclaim the environment, and empower children and their families in Nepal to practice sanitation efforts.
  • TruCup: TruCup builds sustainable businesses through consistent production of menstruation products to supply and bridge the employment gap for young people and women in India.
  • Cilota Bali: Cilota Bali creates recycled handicraft gifts which carry out the Indonesian social, cultural, and environmental values all at once.
  • Creasion: Creasion produces clean water using a solar water purifier, helping low-income families in small island regions of Indonesia.


We are committed to helping aspiring social entrepreneurs find additional support in building their socially-driven ideas. We continue to seek funding for all future Competitions. Donors interested in learning more about funding future Competitions may contact Bora Laci, Project Manager at Impactionable.



Subject Area:

Products that solve challenges in the social impact space


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  • Kenton Lee, Founder of Because International
  • Shivani Chokshi, Co-Founder of Impactionable
  • Sukanya Ananthanarayanan, Co-Founder of Impactionable