Social Innovation Funding Competitions

Competition Status: Awarded

Launched on November 15, 2020 with Because International. The prize awards $1,000 and a spot in the Pursuit Incubator program to an innovative product that solves a social challenge.

We launched a competition complete with three rounds of deliverables, presentations, and judging. The competition was open to anyone and everyone who had an idea of an innovative product that aimed to solve a social issue.

Due to the success of the other competitions, this time, 379 participants applied from 30+ countries and regions.

Due to its global appeal, we received increased interest from members at Leadership Boise, and we were able to award prizes to not one finalist but two finalists. Announced during a live event on March 1, 2021, the competition winners were Educase from Nepal ($1,000 prize) and Geopika from Nigeria ($500). Several finalists and semi-finalists were also accepted into the Pursuit Incubator program.



  • Educase: Educase is a portable, foldable desk that serves as a backpack to provide a study space for primary school children at school and home.
  • Geopika: Geopika Explorer is an IoT-enabled geophysical survey system with deep groundwater sensors and software that facilitates sustainable and accurate groundwater exploration, extraction, and local management.
  • Madiba & Nature: Madiba & Nature uses recovery plastic bottles to make ecological canoes (ECO-BOATS) to support fishers and promote coastal ecotourism.
  • LEKA Project: LEKA is the biodegradable, non-invasive, and easily accessible test to detect the parasite (Taenia Solium) through feces, preventing propagation and evolution of cysticercosis disease.
  • Ethique: Ethique is a fashion social enterprise taking into consideration the planet, ethical labor, and social good. Their products are made of upcycled textile waste that also aims to support Philippines’ countryside development.


We are committed to helping aspiring social entrepreneurs find additional support in building their socially-driven ideas. We continue to seek funding for all future Competitions. Donors interested in learning more about funding future Competitions may contact Bora Laci, Project Manager at Impactionable.



Subject Area:

Products for social change


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  • Andrew Kroes, President of Because International
  • Emily Allen, Director at Because International
  • Kelsey Otero, Associate Director of Social Innovation at Marquette University
  • Sarah Hille, Pursuit Coordinator at Because International
  • Rachel Haukkala, Associate Planner at COMPASS
  • Miguel Nunez, Portfolio Manager at HP
  • Marissa Bradsher, Crop Specialist at Bayer,
  • Craig Pulley, HR Manager at Intermountain Gas Company
  • Teresa Broadus, Global Engagement Program Manager at HP
  • Kathryn Seebold, Executive Director at Family Advocates
  • Heather Moran Luther, Recording Supervisor at Ada County