Social Innovation Funding Competitions

Competition Status: Awarded

Launched on December 20, 2021, the prize will award $1,000, mentorship, and community to an innovative product that solves a social challenge.

Impactionable has partnered with Because International in efforts of launching a Social Innovation Competition that awards equity-free funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities to social entrepreneurs around the world. The Competition requires two rounds of deliverables, presentations, and judging. The competition is open to anyone and everyone who had an idea of an innovative product that aimed to solve a social issue. 

Announced during a live event on February 24, 2022, the competition winner was Deaftronics. Finalists were also eligible to post their first job for free on Impactionable’s Social Impact Job Portal, advertise a project to our community, host a Video Session to the community, and some were accepted into the Because Accelerator program. Congratulations!




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We are committed to helping aspiring social entrepreneurs find additional support in building their socially-driven ideas. We continue to seek funding for all future Competitions. Donors interested in learning more about funding future Competitions may contact Bora Laci, Project Manager at Impactionable.



Subject Area:

Products that solve challenges in the social impact space


UN Sustainable Development Goal:




  • Andrew Kroes, Because International
  • Sarah Hille, Because International
  • Ben Mackey, Because International
  • Kelsey Otero, Marquette University
  • Teresa Broadus, HP
  • Amber Sever, HP
  • Cindy Martin, HP
  • Renu Ramanatha, HP
  • Rachel Parke, HP
  • Christina Clausing, HP