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Competition Status: Awarded

Launched on February 1, 2020, with Because International. The prize awards $1,000 and a spot in the Pursuit Incubator program to an innovative product that solves a social challenge.

We launched a competition complete with three rounds of deliverables, presentations, and judging. The competition was open to anyone and everyone who had an idea of an innovative product that aimed to solve a social issue. 

Due to the first competition’s success, 200+ participants applied from 20+ countries and regions. The winner of the competition was announced as Lagatos from California, USA. Several finalists and semi-finalists were also accepted into the Pursuit Incubator program.

  • Lagatos: Lagatos provides daily access to the Internet for digitally divided communities in Haiti and Ghana. Customers can purchase an affordable router, which attaches to their phone and provides Wi-Fi hotspots wherever they go. Lagatos subscribers can then tap into this Wi-Fi network for more comprehensive, faster internet access. 
  • Agricycle: Agricycle is a vertically integrated value chain and network of over 35,000 smallholders worldwide, all creating better-for-you products.
  • PedalCell: PedalCell provides a patented power source for cyclists. It uses the rotation of the front wheel to power smartphones, lights, GPS, and other USB devices.
  • Mi Terro: Mi Terro is a material company that turns food and milk waste into sustainable fibers.
  • SoaPen: SoaPen is a fun and colorful soap pen that encourages proper handwashing for a healthy childhood.

We are committed to helping aspiring social entrepreneurs find additional support in building their socially-driven ideas. We continue to seek funding for all future Competitions. Donors interested in learning more about funding future Competitions may contact Bora Laci, Project Manager at Impactionable.

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Products for Social Change 2020

On February 1, 2020, Impactionable and Because International announced the competition. After 200+ applications, the winner was Lagatos. Several finalists and semi-finalists were also accepted into the Pursuit Incubator program.

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Social Innovation Competition

In November 2021, Impactionable will announce a USA-based competition with a prize for solutions for products that solve a social challenge. 

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Products for social change

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  • Andrew Kroes, President of Because International
  • Shivani Chokshi, Co-Founder of Impactionable
  • Sukanya Ananthanarayanan, Co-Founder of Impactionable
  • Emily Allen, Director at Because International
  • Kelsey Otero, Associate Director of Social Innovation at  Marquette University

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