How to Start Your Journey as a Volunteer

                                             From our partner New Georgia Project

Volunteering gives a person purpose and brings them closer to the social needs, global environment, and development. 

They get to identify their strengths and skills as a volunteer to understand which future job suits them best. There are several for-profit or non-profit organizations whose provide volunteering experiences all around the world.

Here are some points to keep in mind so you can be better prepared to volunteer:

Conduct Thorough Research

For any job that you do, thorough research is always necessary. Understand the cultural norms of your organization and the community it serves. What are the organizations needs? What are the community’s needs? Look into the organization’s past initiatives and programs to get a better understanding of your role and the overall impact you are making to their community. 

Build a Community

More often than not, volunteers work in teams, not alone. Through volunteering you have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and increase social interactions. It provides a unique opportunity for you to share your values with like-minded people and spur action as a result of teamwork and collective action.

Find a Worthwhile Mission

Find the organization that excites you. You will only be a successful volunteer if you feel motivated by the organization’s mission and the community it serves. 

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